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自身のソロ活動も併行して行い、オウム真理教事件が題材の『オムツをはいたサル』(2017年初演)は国内外10カ所以上のフェスティバルで上演し多数の賞を獲得。2021年には韓国国立現代舞踊団 「Asian Choreographer Project」 にて、委嘱作品として『黙れ、子宮』(振付・出演)を上演。近年ではアジアを中心に、韓国、香港、シンガポール、インドネシア、台湾、北アイランドなど、海外アーティストとの国際共同制作作品を多数発表。
2022年度より公益財団法人セゾン文化財団<セゾンフェローI>および、ACY<U39 アーティスト・フェロー>。2023年度より国際ダンスフェスティバル『踊る。秋田』公認アソシエイト・アーティスト。第17回<日本ダンスフォーラム賞>受賞。


 ▶︎ 横浜ダンスコレクション2017 コンペティションⅡ<最優秀新人賞> <タッチポイントアートファウンデーション賞> W受賞(2017)
 ▶︎ 第5回 BODY.RADICAL International Performing Arts Biennial(ハンガリー)<オーディエンス賞> 受賞(2017)
 ▶︎ 『踊る。秋田2017』土方巽記念賞ファイナリスト公演 <海外ゲスト賞> 受賞(2017)
 ▶︎  New Dance For Asia 2018 3rd Asia Solo&Duo Challenge Masdanza(韓国)<NDA賞> 受賞(2018)
 ▶︎ 第8回エルスール財団 コンテンポラリーダンス部門 <新人賞> 受賞(2019)
 ▶︎ SAI Dance Festival 2019 COMPETITION <最優秀作品賞> 受賞(2019)
 ▶︎ 第17回 <日本ダンスフォーラム賞> 受賞(2023)

​Shimojima Reisa

Head of KEDAGORO, Choreographer, Dancer

Born in 1992, SHIMOJIMA Reisa, a native of Kagoshima Prefecture, began studying dance at the age of seven, with focus on Yosakoi dance, which is performed at festivals. She studied contemporary dance under Kuniko Kisanuki at J. F. Oberlin University. She formed the dance company 〈KEDAGORO〉in 2013 and is responsible for the choreography and production of all its works.
The company‘s masterpiece “sky” (2018) links the process of their own creation with the structure of collective madness under the theme of the United Red Army. Another important work “Because Kazcause” (2021) takes its inspiration from Kazuko FUKUDA, an actual hostess murderer from Matsuyama city in the 1980s, who had changed her face by plastic surgery and escaped for 15 years. In addition, as their latest work, they performed “세월” (2022), which explores the ethics of expression, covering the sinking of the Sewol ferry in South Korea on April 16, 2014.
Based on the company's idea that “Dance is a way to interpret this world,” she has been working both in Japan and overseas, aiming to present controversial works across international borders.
SHIMOJIMA's signature works include "Monkey in a Diaper" (2017), which is based on the case of Aum Shinrikyo, and "Shut Up, Womb" (2021) commissioned by the Korean National Contemporary Dance Company. In recent years, she has created many international collaboration works with overseas artists, mainly in Asia, including South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Northern Ireland.
She has been supported by The Saison Foundation since 2022, and International Dance Festival “ODORU-AKITA” Official Associate Artist since 2023. 

 ▶︎ Yokohama Dance Collection 2017 competition II
  <Outstanding New Artist Prize> <TOUCHPOINT ART FOUNDATION Prize> (2017)

 ▶︎ 5./BODY.RADICAL International Performing Arts Biennial <Audience Prize> in Hungary (2017)
 ▶︎ ODORU. Akita 2017 Tatsumi Hijikata Memorial Award Finalist <Overseas Guests Award> (2017)
 ▶︎ New Dance for Asia 2018 3rd Asia Solo&Duo Challenge Masdanza <NDA Prize> in South Korea (2018)
 ▶︎ 8./ELSUR FOUNDATION Contemporary Dance section <New Face Award> (2019)
 ▶︎ SAI Dance Festival 2019 COMPETITION <Grand Prize> (2019)
 ▶︎ JaDaFo Dance Award 2022 <Japan Dance Forum Award> (2023)

Copyright (C) 2022 KEDAGORO. All rights reserved

Copyright (C) 2022 KEDAGORO. All rights reserved

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